Where Nature Challenges You in Adventure Tourism


India is fast ascending the global tourism ladder, and it now ranks among the top tier of tourist destinations. India’s terrain is particularly beautiful, with wide stretches of coastline, mountain ranges, waterfalls, whitewater rapids, and a complex network of rivers and backwaters. These natural wonders, along with man’s insatiable need for adventure tourism, have made India a must-see destination for any adventure traveller.

Kerala, probably India’s most charming state, was recently named one of National Geographic Traveler’s 50 must-see places of a lifetime. Kerala, which is best known for its enormous cultural contributions to the globe, is rapidly establishing itself as a global leader in adventure tourism. The magnificent region of Wayanad is speckled with many mountain peaks, rivers, backwaters, lakes, and other natural treasures, and nowhere is this more visible than in Kerala’s scenery. Even the most daring adventurers will be challenged by the terrain of this spectacular location.

Trekking, a popular adventure sport activity, is one of the challenges of adventure tourism in India, but it takes on new significance in Kerala. A journey up Chembra summit in Wayanad is typically regarded as a dangerous undertaking that might take a full day. At 2100 metres above sea level, the summit is the highest in Wayanad, and climbing there is a difficult and dangerous task, but the reward is a panoramic view of Wayanad’s spectacular splendour. Tourists may remain for a day or two at the district tourism promotion council’s temporary facilities, and even build a bonfire to keep warm during the night in true adventure style.

Adventure Tourism

Another sport that is always on the adventure tourist’s to-do list is rock climbing. Rock climbing, a simplified form of mountaineering, encompasses a wide range of recreational, sports, and adventurous activities that entail scaling high rocky massifs with only one’s hands and feet. Soochipara Falls, one of Wayanad’s four most famous waterfalls, is a fantastic spot for rock climbing, with the sheer face offering ideal conditions for this thrilling pastime.

Wayanad offers a variety of water-based adventure sports, including as rafting, canoeing, and white-water surfing, for those who prefer to be on the water rather than on land. These sports are concentrated around the gorgeous Kabini River, whose swift currents will guarantee that both novice and experienced helmsmen receive their fair share of action, with a bonus of a stunning view of the lush green woodlands.

Wayanad has escaped the ravages of mass tourism and has managed to keep its old-world charm. In this modern-day Narnia, the ambitious tourist may indulge his daring nature with élan and be certain of a high surge of adrenaline.