Travel Tips for 10 Adventure Activities


When it comes to adventure travel, the location should be just as exciting as the activities. After all, most of us can sky dive, scuba dive, or bungee jump in places that are either nearby or nearby. As a result, when you combine adventure activities with adventurous places, you’ve produced the ultimate adventure experience. Remember that many of these activities are not covered by conventional travel insurance, so you may need to purchase a separate adventure activities travel insurance policy to get the coverage you need.

Here are some of my favourite adventure places with adventure activities that I suggest.

Myanmar Scuba Diving

Outsiders have been barred from entering this Southeast Asian country for the past half-century. As it begins to open up, you still have time to see this land of varied cultures before McDonald’s, retail malls, and congested motorways come. Scuba diving in the Mergui Archipelago, which is largely undisturbed by contemporary culture, will allow you to see pristine coral reefs and amazing sea life, as well as Myanmar’s cultural attractions, before the modern world arrives in full force.

Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jumping, Zambia

The Victoria Falls Bridge, which stands 111 metres over the Zambezi River, is regarded one of the top bungee jumping platforms in the world. Try a walking safari or a jet boat ride up to the base of the magnificent Victoria Falls after your heart has returned to normal. Remember to tell your travel insurance carrier about the adventure activities you want to participate in while in Zambia so that your adventure activities travel insurance covers you adequately.

In Fujian, China, go kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding is a relatively new sport in China, but the people of Fujian have embraced it wholeheartedly. Instruction is given for those who are new to the sport. Mountain hiking in Tibet’s autonomous territory is another excellent activity in China, however proponents of ethical tourism may want to reconsider their position on this.

Kenyan Hot Air Ballooning

Kenya isn’t the wonderful adventure it once was, but it’s still a lot of fun. A hot air balloon flight might boost the excitement levels for this excursion. Plan a trip during the big migration in the dry season, when millions of African migratory species begin their journey towards water, to amp up the excitement even more. To book this experience, speak with a destination consultant. Do you want to go on an adventure? Try a wild camping expedition with a guide.

Hawaii’s North Shore is a great place to surf.

Granted, Hawaii isn’t exactly known for its adventure, but if you’re a surfer, the north coast of Oahu is everything you need.

Climb to the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal.

Mount Everest has enticed adventurers to face its slopes since it was first ascended by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. I cringe to imagine how much a good adventure activities insurance coverage for this vacation would cost.

In South Africa, you may swim with sharks.

While not particularly unusual, your first face-to-face encounter with a 7-metre great white shark is sure to pique your interest.

In Cebu City, Philippines, there is a zip line.

You claim you’re not adventurous? This zip line takes off from the Crown Regency Hotel at 473 feet and crosses over to a neighbouring tower.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado, rock climbing

Garden of the Gods in Albuquerque offers a sufficient challenge for any level of rock climber, from novice to experienced. Do you want a little more adventure? Colorado is home to some of the best skiing in the country.