Predicator of Bad Relationship

Predicator of Bad Relationship


In the majority of cases, people enter relationships hoping that they will last. However, can you tell if you’ll actually be successful or not? Scientists have tried to find out this exact question for a long time. While some of the things that cause infidelity might not come as unexpected event, studies have discovered some shocking facts which can tell the likelihood that your relationship will last.

These relationships are ones that are filled with respect, love, and, above all the ability to communicate openly. If you’re honest with your communication between you and your partner there’s not much that you won’t be able to handle. For example, the feelings of hurt and displeasure can be kept to an absolute minimum since you both are aware of how you feel and what you expect from each other.

10 points to remember in an intimate relationship

Even though everyone makes mistakes at times, we can all be more loving by recognizing the signs that are unhealthy and reverting to healthier behaviors. If you’re seeing unhealthy indicators in your relationships, it’s vital to pay attention and be aware that they could escalate into violence.

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  • Intensity

When someone is constantly finding excuses for their actions.  that seem overwhelming. It’s getting too intense If you feel that somebody is speeding up the pace of their relationship (comes to a halt or too rapid) and is constantly wanting to meet you, and remain in constant contact.

  • Refusing Responsibility

When someone is constantly finding excuses for their actions.  They could blame you or others for their own behavior. This can include making excuses that are based on alcohol or drugs mental health issues, the past (like an ex who is cheating and divorced parent).

  • Volatility

If someone experiences a powerful, unpredictable reaction that causes you to feel overwhelmed, scared or confused. Insecure people can make you feel like they need to be avoided or have extreme reactions to seemingly insignificant things.  The relationship you have with them could seem like a rollercoaster, one with a lot of changes and ups. They could react in a way that is over the top to little events, experience massive mood swings, or get out of control by becoming aggressive, shouting or even threatening you.

  • Guilt

If somebody makes you feel guilty for their actions, or make you feel it’s your responsibility to keep them content. They could accuse you of doing things which are beyond your control, making you feel sorry for them. They may threaten to hurt themselves or others if you do not follow their suggestions or stick to them.  They could also force you to do something you’re not comfortable with , by insisting that it’s important for them or harm their feelings if they aren’t careful.

  • Belittling

If someone says or does things that cause you to feel ashamed of yourself. This could include insulting those you’re close to or even criticizing your character. It’s also disrespectful when someone mocks you in a manner it makes you feel embarrassed even though it’s played off as jokes. As time passes, this may cause you to lose faith in yourself and your capabilities.

  • Sabotage

Someone deliberately harms your reputation, accomplishments, or your success. Sabotage is the act of preventing your from doing things which are crucial to you. Conducts such as talking behind your back, launching speculation, or making threats to reveal personal details about yourself, can be considered sabotage.

  • Isolation

If someone is keeping you from family members, friends or even other people. It usually starts by asking you to spend more one-on-one time with them, but it can then escalate to demands that you not see certain individuals. In most cases, they’ll make you pick among them or your family or insist on spending the entire time in their company, or force you to reconsider your perception of your family and friends. If you’re feeling lonely and loneliness, you could feel like you’re dependent on someone else for love, money , or acceptance.

  • Manipulation

Someone tries to influence your choices, actions or thoughts. It is usually difficult to detect, as it can manifest through subtle or passive aggressive methods. It is obvious that you are being manipulated by someone who tries to get you to do something you’re not comfortable with and then ignores you until you reach Attempts to influence the conclusions they want or your thoughts.

  • Possessiveness

If someone is overly in a state of jealousy to the point that they attempt to control who they spend their time with as well as the things you do. Although jealousy is an emotion that is normal for humans but it can be unhealthy when it leads an individual to be controlled or to lashed at you. This could mean they get angry when you make contact or spend time with people who they are afraid by, and falsely accusing you of being flirty or cheating, or taking it to the point of pursue you. It is usually attributed to being too protective or having passionate feelings about one person.

  • Betrayal

If someone is not loyal or acts in a deliberately untruthful manner. They might act as someone else around others or disclose personal information about you with other people. This also includes deliberately lying, leaving your personal information unanswered, appearing to be untruthful, or even cheating on you.

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