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Need for paid parental leave


Think of the biggest events throughout your life. Perhaps it was getting the funds you needed to create your business from scratch from scratch, purchasing the perfect home or moving to a new location. Whatever it is the results of many life events can alter everything in a flash. Another significant event in a person’s life is to decide to adopt or welcome children into the family. This is not just an important decision for you personally however, it’s also a professional one as well.

The paternity and maternity leave that is granted to employees can provide the security of parents who are raising their children. The absence of policies that are supportive to employees can hinder the enjoyment of parenting. Making sure that every parent is in a position to support the development of their children is not stop the company from competing. This in turn is what makes them responsible employers as well as effective agents of changing, helping other businesses to develop a more welcoming family-friendly work culture.

Offering benefits like parental leave to employees is essential to encourage engagement and productivity among employees that will further enhance the success of your business. This can also help employees to actively manage their life and work schedules and create an approach to sustainable working.

Benefits of providing pay-for-per-hour parental leave

It’s a fact that giving newly-wed parents with paid parental leave time to look after for their newborn or newly adopted children is beneficial to their development and improves the health of mothers and increases families’ financial security. Additionally there are numerous advantages for an employer when an option for paid parental leave is made available to employees.

  • Productivity increase

Being parents isn’t an easy job, and employers must be aware of the fact that. From sleepless nights to unplanned appointments with the doctor, it’s inevitable that parents who are new will be physically and mentally exhausted. A policy of paid parental leave that is designed with employees in mind will make sure that they return at their best and well-rested. This lets team members start their workday at their best and with a lower stress level which gives them the energy needed to perform their job.

  • Higher retention of employees

Another reason to think about is the potential for it to increase retention of employees. A recent study that was based on 440,000 parents who work from Great Place to Work shows that employees employed by businesses that offer generous parental leave as well as other benefits have greater retention and engagement. If the employer provides employees the help they require to take care of an infant or adoptive child, they can go back into work having spent several days bonding with their new addition to the family.

  • Better balance between work and life

Employees who are taking paid parental leave aren’t forced to decide between taking care of newborns or following the birth of a child and retaining their job. They are able to enjoy the extra time they require, with pay without worrying about the cost of their leave or overworked at their jobs. Instead of feeling pressured to get back to work both parents can rest in confidence knowing that their careers are in good hands after the leave has ended.

This policy not only helps to promote a healthy balance between work and life, but allowing flexibility at work will also help improve employees’ well-being, and make them better parents in the end.

  • Better employee morale

If a company provides an opportunity to take paid time off for parental reasons, this demonstrates how much they value its employees. They appreciate their efforts, and recognize the importance of have an extended family. If employees feel that appreciation and respect the company, they will see an increase in morale among their employees.

  • Reducing turnover

Employers who offer paid parental leave enjoy the benefits of keeping employees with the experience and skills that are that is specific to the job within their business. Instead of having employees choose to leave the company following the birth of or adoption of an infant, they are able to return after their leave is over which means that the company does not need to carry the financial burden of locating and the training of the new employee.

  • A brand new package of delight!

Paid parental leave allows new parents an opportunity to learn new techniques, like changing diapers and understanding feeding. While these abilities may perhaps not necessarily be relevant for their job however, they’re still vital. As an employer, giving your employees with the opportunity to avail paid parental leave will change the world not just to them but also to the new family member too.

Enhance mental health and well-being of parents as well as children

Being forced to choose between work as a parent and working is an uphill battle. Parents who believe they are able to take paid leave in order to take care of their children do not feel the burden of having to find the right childcare provider or fretting about asick child when they’re unable to be present. Consult the best online counsellors at TalktoAngel, if you’re experiencing mental health issues due to becoming a parent for the first time. Talk to them through online counseling about issues with relationships, parenting and stress at work that you may be experiencing as either a mother or father of new-born.

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