5 Best Treks To Do In Ladakh



Ladakh is a tranquil place where it offers endless exciting trekking spots. It is nestled with magical and wonderful trekking experiences that satisfies the souls of tourists. Ladakh is one of the best spots around in the Himalayan region where trekkers can really enjoy the beauty lap of nature.  You can find as many as possible trekking activities and adventurous activities there as it is fully available to offer with all facilities. Ladakh is standing at the best position offering all types of moderate difficulty treks with best duration periods. So, trekkers can really enjoy their trekking trips as well as learn something new. Mostly, all treks at ladakh are waiting to greet you with unforgettable moments.

Markha valley Trek

Markha Valley trek is one of the well known treks in Ladakh pinned in hemis national park. It is flowing parallel to the Indus valley and it seems like we’re at the most beautiful spot in the world. During the Markha valley Trek, you’re going to enjoy the heartwarming sightseeing views. And wild plants with overwhelming meadows offer your way along. You will surely enjoy every part of the trek trip. You can even visit the people who live around there and also they are kind, generous offers you a homestay to live there sometime to enjoy the sceneries. This trek will consume 6 to 8 days depending on your starting point. You can reach out Markha valley by two different ways¬† one is Sputnik and other is chilling. Among them, chilling is best option for you to choose as it is shoter path to reach Markha valley Trek.

Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek is commonly known as “Baby Trek”. It was called so because it is easy to trek over and nature will be available there. There will be no chance to hold a doubt like whether it offers picturesque views or not. It will surely offer the most stunning, breathtaking picturesque views. If you are the one who is looking for a trek which is easygoing for kids, freshers then it would be perfect to enjoy the entire trekking journey with no worries. It is almost covered with 4000 metres and never reaches higher than it. And it is ushering the tourists throughout the year. This trek is nestled around small villages where we can expect people living there and homestay. The local traditions can be seen. Some historical places can be visited near the trek premises.

Stok Kangri Trek

The stok kangri trek is the best choice for freshers and beginner level trekkers. For them, it is indeed the first beautiful mountaineering experience that holds special memories in their life. It looks like a 6000 meter barrier. Although it seems nothing difficult and technical trekkers must carry the trekking required things or stuff with them. There is nothing much difficulty in the usage of trekking stuff, it is just a small introductory part that can be covered in a short period of time. During the day time you can leave your stuff at basecamp, so that you no need feel weight. You may feel difficult and hard during the trekking journey however, after reaching the summit you will surely feel the worth of your long difficult hard trekking journey. You can enjoy incredible, heartwarming sightseeing views and panoramic views from the summit that leaves an overwhelming mark on you. It can be combined with Markha valley Trek as the starting points are the same as spitik.

Zanskar trek

Zanskar is the most beautiful remote trek in Ladakh which can be reached from remote areas easily. This can be said to be Zanskar is one of the most remote areas in Ladakh and that is where its beauty lies.Padum to lamayuru is the region around Ladakh which covers mostly the ancient monasteries and stunning landscapes. Before it you can even get a chance to visit phuktal monastery which is from the 15th century. The scenery around it was exceptional, which reminded me of ancient culture.

Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is one the must visitable Trek in Ladakh. Otherwise your visit won’t be fulfilled.Chadar trek is especially on frozen zanskar river and snow leopard trek will be remarkable in January to March.Beginners and families who are going to enjoy the wonderful trekking experiences. You can choose either the most challenging treks with the most beautiful sightseeing views or choose easy treks to get relaxed. Mostly treks cover 5000 meters and 6000 meters. Solo tourists or small groups can call out their trekking trip by joining into the groups. Ladakh is ushering you during the best of its period from May to October. And some treks are ready with heavy snowfall during winters. From January to March the winter marked treks will leave their marks.